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Continuous Integration

After each submitted PR to Athens, GitHub Actions runs the continuous integration workflow declared in .github/workflows/build.yml. This workflow runs scripts from package.json to test, lint, and build Athens. You can see these workflows in practice in the Actions tab.

However, it's a lot faster if you run these tests locally, so you don't have to submit a PR each time to make sure the workflow succeeds.


No additional installation is needed. Just run this:

yarn client:test
yarn server:test

The first command runs tests for the client code, and the second runs tests for the server code.

$ yarn test

... lots of logging

Testing athens.patterns-test

Testing athens.walk-test
13:55:53.824 DEBUG [main] athens.walk - walk-string {:node/titles ("hey"), :page/refs ([:node/title "hey"])}
13:55:53.824 DEBUG [main] athens.walk - walk-string {:node/titles ("hola"), :page/refs ([:node/title "hola"])}
13:55:53.825 DEBUG [main] athens.walk - walk-string {:node/titles ("aloha"), :page/refs ([:node/title "aloha"])}
13:55:53.825 DEBUG [main] athens.walk - walk-string #:block{:refs ("uid123")}

Testing event-sync.core-test

Ran 70 tests containing 606 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.
✨ Done in 6.36s.


We are linting Clojure code using clj-kondo. Our clj-kondo configuration is in .clj-kondo/config.edn.

To see the problems reported by clj-kondo, run yarn lint. Example run:

$ yarn lint
yarn run v1.22.17
$ clojure -M:clj-kondo --lint src
linting took 1549ms, errors: 0, warnings: 0
✨ Done in 6.85s.

Your editor may also be able to integrate with clj-kondo’s output. For example, if you use Calva for VS Code, then clj-kondo’s messages are reported in the Problems panel.

Clojure Styling

To check if your Clojure code is formatted correctly, run yarn style. If there is no output and the return code is zero, you’re good.

To reformat all your Clojure files in place, run yarn style:fix.

Unused Variable Checking

Run yarn carve to get a report of unused variables. yarn carve:interactive will start an interactive prompt that lets you remove or ignore unused code.