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About Athens

What is Athens

Athens is an open-source knowledge graph that helps individuals, organizations, and communities solve complex problems through making sense of a vast amount of knowledge across a breadth and depth of contexts and disciplines.

Athens currently does this as an outliner with bidirectional links and block references that allow users to seamlessly capture, compose, connect, and rediscover thoughts.

In a personal context, popular use cases include: note-taking, journaling, documentation, and research.

In a collaborative context, Athens is specifically great at collaborative research: user reseachers and product managers, academics, and high-tech researchers (e.g. in AI, biotech, pharmaceuticals, hardware, cryptography).


Athens' mission is to enable individuals, organizations, and communities to solve complex problem through transforming information to insight, reducing coordination cost, and leveraging the collective intelligence of networks and marketplaces.

Currently Athens is focused on solving knowledge composition, discovery, and transfer at the individual and team level. Long-term, we want to solve complex problems at a distributed, massively-multiplayer scale.

Where Can I Get Help

If you can't find the answers you are looking for in our documentation, please let us know! We are always looking to improve the quality of support we provide.

You can post to our Github Discussions or Discord, or send an email to