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What do people use Athens for?

For individuals, popular use cases include note-taking, journaling, documenting, research, and personal CRM. Mainstream tools here would be Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep, or Apple Notes.

For teams and organizations, the main use case is for managing a central knowledge base, but one that benefits more from organic and bottom-up growth. Our collaborative users include product teams (of designers, engineers, and product managers), agencies and consultancies, and research teams (AI, biotech, academia). Mainstream tools here would be Notion or Confluence.


How much does Athens cost?

Right now Athens is free for local-only and for self-hosting with multiple users or multiple devices.

In the future, we may offer an enterprise license with additional services (e.g. training, workflow design) or a convenient hosted plan similar with monthly recurring costs.

Feature Requests / Roadmap

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How do I contribute?

Who is behind this project?

What license does Athens have?

Athens vs. X

How is this different from Roam Research?

How is this different from Notion?

How is this different from Obsidian?

How is this different from LogSeq?